iPhone App 2 Of The Week: Bikini Blast

Clearly, Apple has changed their standards. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. How much longer until there is an “adult” tag similar to the “explicit” tag on music? Bikini Blasticon on iTunes.

Bikini Blast.jpgBikini Blast gives you a great selection of bikini wallpaper for your iPhone, with new photos added daily. Categories include Blonde Bombshells, Beautiful Brunettes, Ravishing Redheads, Girl Next Door, Lovely Latinas and Exotic Beauties.

You can download as many photos as you want, set them as your wallpaper and even send them to your friends.

- All photos are properly licensed and used with permission from the copyright holder. (No stolen, ‘borrowed’ or otherwise misappropriated photos).

- Requires Internet connection to view and download photos

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7 thoughts on “iPhone App 2 Of The Week: Bikini Blast”

  1. Clearly you don’t remember when MacWorld Expo had “adult” rooms as part of their Expo. Talk about porn city! They had software for fake penthouse shots, and playboy bunnies pushing some sort of software. It was cool…*sigh*

  2. You guys make me sick. This app is so trashy. How can guys talk about getting hard ons with eachother. You would never see women doing that. I am so much prettier than those women and I know plenty of other women who are too and I would be sick to think my husband looks at that. Do you guys have beautiful gfs or wives?

  3. Hey vanessa – or van the impersonating GUY – i for one have an attractive enough wife.

    ALL men love to look at women.

    But since you are a girl (right), you would know that.

  4. You guys are freekin fags. I was looking at this, but after what venesa said I relize it’s stupid. Don’t u guys have any balls at all? It doesn’t take a man to stare at porn, but it takes one to turn it down. Don’t be gay and get a girlfriend instead of becoming a porn addicted pervert.

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